We hate to see you go! But we do understand that sometimes you might need to go another direction. 

This document outlines our cancellation policy and process.

Cancellation Policy

We require a 30 day cancellation period at the time of the cancellation request. 

For example, if you request to cancel on October 1st and your next bill is on October 15th, you would still be responsible for your October 15th bill, and you would retain access to your UpLaunch account until November 15th.

How To Cancel Your UpLaunch Account

Navigate to the Menu -> Subscriptions and Billing

Click on the red Cancel button.

Fill out the Cancellation Request Form and click the red Cancel Subscription button.

We will send you a confirmation email and ask that you schedule a time to chat with one of us to talk about how we missed the mark.

No high-pressure sales stuff - we just want to learn from your experience so we can improve!

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