What is in the Business Branding section?

The Business Branding section contains the core information about your business, including:

  • Business Name

  • Physical Address

  • Time Zone

  • Website URL

  • Company Logo

  • Social Media URLs

NOTE: Business Branding can only be updated by Account Administrators and Managers.

Configuring Your Business Branding

From the main menu, click on Account Settings.

From the settings page, click on the Business Branding card.

This will take you to the Business Branding form.

You can use this form to change your business name, business address, upload your logo, set your time zone, and add/update your social media information.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that your time zone is set correctly! If it is incorrect, your appointment reminders and Google Calendar appointments will all have incorrect times!

If you have an existing company logo that you would like to update, click the grey Remove button.

Then, click the blue Choose a file button.

You can import your logo from your computer, Facebook, Google Drive, and many more locations. 

When you are finished making your changes, click the green Save Business Branding button at the bottom.

When will my changes take effect?

When you update your branding, all of your branded materials such as landing pages, emails, etc. will update immediately.

Even if a contact is in the middle of a campaign, the next email they receive will have your updated information on it!

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