Create A Lead In PushPress When A Lead Is Captured In UpLaunch

Using UpLaunch as the trigger app, select "New Contact Created". This will initially trigger on ANY new contact, regardless of whether or not they are a lead.

From there, click the plus button in the left hand bar and add a filter. 

From there, set up the filter so it only runs if "Current Product Campaign" exactly matches "New Lead Campaign".

NOTE: This will only create leads in PushPress when the UpLaunch contact is entered into the New Lead Campaign. If you want ALL leads (inactive, etc) to be created in PushPress, set the filter up where "Current Product Campaign" contains "Lead".

From there, select PushPress as your action app and Create A Person as your action.

Map the usual fields (name, email, phone, etc).

Ensure that you select Yes for the Is This Person A Lead field (shown below).

Lastly, if you have different UpLaunch Journeys set up for your various services, you can use that information in the Lead Source or Initial Message field for segmentation and organizational purposes.

For instance, if you wanted to use your Nutrition Program as a lead source, and you have a Nutrition Journey set up in UpLaunch, you can use the Incoming Journey data point from the UpLaunch contact to get that data populated (pictured below).

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