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What is a Facebook Lead Ad?

A Facebook Lead Ad is a type of Facebook Ad that has an integrated form, which allows it to provide a very clean user experience where they can opt-in without leaving Facebook or Instagram.

Conversions from Lead Ads are oftentimes more expensive compared to traditional advertising, but it's a very viable approach to test - especially if you have a compelling offer.

For more information directly from Facebook about Lead Ads, give this first article a look:

How should I set up my Lead Ad Form to easily work with Zapier?

On your Facebook Lead Ad Form, it's recommended to split the First Name and Last Name fields instead of using the default "Name" field.

It IS possible to split the values within Zapier, but it's a bit tricky. You'll have to use the Formatter by Zapier app to split the full name field into first name, and again for last name. 

In other words, if you don't split the fields on your Facebook Lead Ad Form, you'll have to create a four step Zap to split it apart: (Lead Ad -> Formatter (First Name) -> Formatter (Last Name) -> UpLaunch).

Create a contact in UpLaunch when a lead is gathered from a Facebook Lead Ad

NOTE: You'll need a Premium Zapier account in order to use their Facebook Lead Ads integration.

Using Facebook Lead Ads as the trigger app, select the New Lead trigger.

From there, you'll need to authenticate your Facebook Account.

Note: Zapier needs authentication to manage your Pages in order to use the Lead Ad integration.

After your account is authenticated, select the Facebook Page that is linked to the ad account.

That will populate the next dropdown with a list of all lead forms associated with Lead Ads in that ad account.

NOTE: Please make sure that you select the correct form - if you pick a form that isn't being used by your intended ads, your leads will not be sent to Zapier!

From there, select UpLaunch as the action app and choose the Create Contact action.

Last but not least, map your fields from the Facebook Lead Ad Form to your UpLaunch contact and select your Campaign / Funnel / Staff Member.

That's it! Once you're all set up, your leads from your Facebook Lead Ad will be sent to UpLaunch automatically!

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