Zapier is live on all accounts!

Yeah, you read that right! Zapier is officially enabled for all accounts on the UpLaunch Platform!

It's still *technically* in beta - meaning that we've still got close eyes on it, and that we're still going to be adding additional triggers and actions in the near future.

Super huge thank you to all of our beta testing gyms that helped us find some issues and let us know what works and what doesn't.

We now have a section of our help docs just for Integrations - it'll cover the specifics about getting Zapier up and running, along with some examples of integrations you can build with our friends (PushPress, Facebook Lead Ads, etc).

Live Chat Assistance!

We've implemented Intercom in the UpLaunch Platform to make sure you guys have enough access to the help that you need.

You can open it up from the main menu on the left - just click "Chat With UpLaunch".

You can also open it up from the Help Menu in the top bar.

When you write in, we'll automatically suggest help docs that might fit the bill - but we'll also reply as soon as we can to make sure that you're good to go.

Please note that we're only staffing the live chat during business hours - we'll often get back to you outside those hours, but it's not a guarantee. Our families thank you 😂

Bug Fixes & Smaller Updates

  • Fixed an issue that was occasionally sending out duplicate copies of bulk emails. As an added result of this fix, the speed of processing bulk email requests is about 10x faster than it was before. As a benchmark, it took about 19 minutes to send a bulk email to 2000 contacts before - now, it's about 2 minutes. 😎
  • Fixed an issue that was saving and displaying names with two capital letters incorrectly. For instance, "McFadden" was displaying as "Mc Fadden". It will now display properly, and also ensure that the first letter is capitalized. If you have a user or contact whose name is still showing incorrectly, you'll need to edit and re-save them and it'll save in the proper format.
  • Fixed a bug that was affecting our clients in New Zealand (aka on the other side of the international date line) - we didn't account for the date line properly, which was causing campaign steps that should be on a 1 day delay to run immediately following each other.
  • We fixed a bug that was showing an incorrect number of "Emails Sent" on the main contact list page. This was due to staff notification emails accidentally being included in the count. They will be correct as of about a week ago for all contacts moving forward.
  • We corrected an issue that was cutting off dropdown menus with a large number of options on some devices (mostly on mobile).
  • We added a restriction to SMS messages that are sent to contacts - previously, it would send an automated SMS to the contact whenever they filled out a new lead form. Now, the automated SMS will only send between the hours of 9am and 9pm. Note that this only affected the first step of the New Lead Campaign - all other steps are run at 9am regardless.

What's On Deck

The next release will bring a chatbot-driven onboarding assistant, which will help new users get up and running more efficiently.

We will also be making some updates to the scheduling module - no, not group booking (yet)...but we will be adding the following:

  • Custom redirect page after booking an appointment - this will let you send a contact to any page you want after booking is completed. In turn, you can track this as a Facebook Pixel Conversion by pixelating the page that they are sent to.
  • Restrict booking options in the future - If you only want contacts to be able to self-schedule a certain number of days in the future, you'll be able to set that up for each appointment type.
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