When should I book an appointment from inside the platform?

The need arises pretty frequently! Whether you're on the phone with a lead and they tell you that they'd like to get scheduled, or if someone simply walks in the door - it's important to be able to book them for an appointment quickly and easily.

How to book the appointment

We'll start on the Contact Record of the contact. Click the Available Actions button, and then the Book Appt button.

This will open a slide-out from the right side of the screen that will allow you to book the appointment by either using the booking widget or by booking manually.

What's the difference between using the booking widget and booking manually?

It's simple! Using the booking widget restricts the availability slots to the same ones that would be available if the person was trying to self-schedule.

In other words, it'll only show the slots that are open based on your availability in the platform, your Google Calendar events, etc.

On the contrary, booking manually allows you to do whatever you want.

In other words, booking manually doesn't check for conflicts with your Google Calendar or conflicts with other existing appointments. Be careful not to double book here!

Booking With The Widget

This is the mode that will be used by default. You'll start by selecting an appointment type from the dropdown.

After you select an appointment type, it'll surface a list of available days.

After selecting a day, you'll see a dropdown menu with a list of times. Select a time for your appointment!

Last but not least, just confirm your appointment by clicking the green Book It! button.

That's it! Your appointment is now booked! 😎

Booking Manually

Once you open up the appointment slide-out, click on the Manual Override tab at the top.

This will open up a small form that you can use to book the appointment. Just select the appointment type, staff member, date and time!

Remember that we don't do any type of conflict checking for manual bookings, so make sure you are good to go for the time slot before you book it!

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