Why would I use blockout dates?

Blockout dates are useful to prevent people from booking in time slots that are within your recurring availability. 

For instance, if you are normally available on Mondays from 9am to 1pm, but have an appointment that morning, you can set up a blockout date for the specific date of your appointment - which means that no one can self-schedule during that time.

How to add blockout dates

Open up the User Menu by clicking the icon with your initials located in the top right menu bar.

From there, click My Blockout Dates.

That page will load up with a calendar that has your blockout dates on it. Any slots that are blocked out due to a Google Calendar sync will show up in grey, and blockout dates that are added manually will show up in orange.

To add a new blockout date, click the Add Blockout Date button in the top right of the calendar.

It'll open a slide-out that will let you pick a date, start time, and end time for your blockout date. It's that simple!

NOTE: The most common way that people block out dates is with a Google Calendar integration. Check it out here!

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