How can contacts book appointments at my business?

We've got a few different ways that we can get contacts to book appointments. Let's break it down into New Contacts vs. Existing Contacts.

New Contacts

The primary way that new contacts (i.e. contacts that were NOT in the platform) will be booking appointments is by following a call-to-action after entering a New Lead Campaign.

Booking Immediately Via Your Website Form

In the best case scenario, a new lead will fill out the form on your website, get enrolled in a specific journey and campaign, get taken to the scheduler, and immediately book an appointment. 

Booking Immediately Via An UpLaunch Journey Landing Page

If you don't want to embed the form on your website, or want to use a simple landing page for a specific journey, you can just send people to the Journey Landing Page, where they can fill out the same form. 

The addresses for your Journey Landing Pages are available in Settings -> Journeys -> Click A Specific Journey -> Instructions. See the Journeys help doc for more information on that.

Just like your embeddable website form, when people fill this out, they'll be enrolled into a specific journey and campaign, taken right to the scheduler, and immediately be able to book an appointment.

Booking Via An UpLaunch Appointment Booking Page

If you go to Settings -> Appointment Types -> Instructions, you'll also see that there is a link to a booking page.

The appointment booking pages are different from the Journey Landing Pages. The booking pages are generally intended for existing contacts - in other words, you want your clients to book a goal setting appointment.

We don't change a contact's campaign when they fill out an appointment booking form, since it can be used at any point within the lifecycle.

If a brand new contact somehow gets a link to a booking page, they'll still be able to book the appointment. We'll also generate an Unknown Contact Task for the admin user so they can figure out who the new contact is and drop them in the appropriate campaign.

Existing Contacts

The easiest way to have existing contacts book appointments is with an Appointment Link, which are available in the manual and bulk email builders. 

These links will be sent to a contact and will automatically recognize them when they click - meaning that the contact won't have to re-enter any information! They can just select a day and keep on rolling!

If they don't get one of these special links, they can just enter their contact information on the form and we'll attribute it to their contact record.

NOTE: The email address is the unique identifier for contact records. If an existing contact enters a different email address when booking an appointment, it'll create a new contact and trigger an Unknown Contact task.

It's no big deal if this happens - if you need a contact merged, just hit us up in the help beacon and let us know.

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