What Type Of Information Is Stored On A Contact Record?


The Contact Record is one of the most important screens in the UpLaunch Platform - you'll see more than just their basic contact information. 

You will be able to use it to look up the most recent activities for a specific contact, initiate individual communication with them, see where they currently are in a particular campaign, and look up their demographic information.

Basic Information

The top bar of the contact record will show the contact's name, email address, phone number, assigned staff member, Incoming Funnel, their current life cycle, and the campaign they are currently in. Additionally, next to the phone number, we will surface a green checkmark (shown below) if the number is eligible for SMS communication or a red X (not shown) will appear next to the number if it can't be verified.

Available Actions

The  Available Actions button shows all of the actions that can be performed based on the information that we have for the contact. Some of the options may be visible (shown below) - for instance, the menu below is what you would see for a contact that has a valid phone number. If the phone number was not valid, the Phone Note and SMS Inbox would appear light grey and be unable to be used.

Campaign Details

The Campaign Details shows which campaign the contact is currently in, as well as where they are within that campaign. The orange Campaign Actions button can be used to perform actions related to their specific campaign - changing their campaign, pausing a campaign, or apply an Overlay Campaign. Additionally, individual emails can be edited from this screen by clicking on the Edit Email button of any of the emails you wish to personalize.

Edit Contact

All the contacts info can be updated from this screen, along with the ability to change their assigned Staff Member and Incoming Funnel. Make sure you click on green Update Contact Details button when finished. 

Action Center

The Action Center is broken down into five sections - Recent Activity, Forms, Tasks, Appointments, and Custom Groups.

Recent Activity

This screen provides a chronological history of every action that has taken place for the contact (emails sent and opened, SMS sent, campaigns started and stopped, etc).


If a contact submits a form (Cancellation, NPS, Appointment Check-In, etc), it will be shown under the Completed Forms tab.

If you click the green View Form button, you can view the contents of the submitted form in a slide-out window.


The Tasks tab will show a full history of all tasks that have ever been created for the contact (open and closed).


The Appointments tab will show a full history of all appointments that have ever been created for the contact (past, upcoming, and invalid).


The Notes area will show you all notes associated with that contact.

Custom Groups

The Custom Groups dropdown can be used to quickly add the contact to any of the Custom Contact Groups that have been created in your account.

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