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How do I get my existing leads, clients, and former clients into the Platform?

  1. Navigate to the Contacts Menu.

  2. Click on the "three dots" next to the New Contact Button on the top right

  3. Click Import Contacts

  4. Follow the UpLoad Bot Instructions.

What we need

We need at a minimum, first name and email address. The last name and phone number are nice to have but not required in a CSV format.

Anyone with a duplicate email address will not process, if you have a husband and wife for example that share an email address you can add +1 to the email address; abc@gmail.com and abc+1@gmail.com the +1 email will be forwarded to the original email address.

This works well for children also that may be in your contact list. Now divide your contacts by the campaigns listed below. If you want a specific staff member assigned to a specific campaign or specific contacts, please create separate files as well (details below). 

Tip - How to export contacts out of major billing platforms. https://docs.uplaunch.com/contact-management/export-your-contacts-from-billing-software


  1. Active Lead Campaign - These are recent leads between 1 and 21 days old.

  2. Inactive Lead Campaign - These are older than 3 months old.

  3. New Client Campaign - These are clients in the first 100 days of their journey in your gym. We recommend adding all members of your gym into this campaign IF you are willing to complete the tasks that happen at days 30, 60 and 90.

  4. Established Client Campaign - This is for clients who have been with the gym longer than 100 days.

  5. Former Client Campaign - This is for your former members

  6. Misc (No Campaign)

*Some gyms may attribute a specific set of contacts to a specific staff member. If that is the case, create separate files for each staff member and campaign. For example, "New Client Campaign - Gym Name - Staff Name". Then use the UpLoad Bot to give us those details.

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