Why would I unsubscribe a contact?

Typically, it's in the case of a lead or client who has told you via email or in person that they don't want to be contacted anymore. 

This is very important! The more people mark your emails as "spam" within their email provider, the more it will affect your deliverability. 

Think of it this way: if someone doesn't want your emails, there's a pretty poor chance that they're also going to come into your gym, give you their money, and start working out with you. 

SPAM is bad, mmkay? 😜

What happens when a contact is unsubscribed?

When a contact is unsubscribed, they'll keep their place in the client lifecycle - but they won't receive any automated communications from us. That includes campaign emails and SMS messages, bulk communications, and manual emails and SMS messages as well. In other words, it'll all be disabled, but you can still see them in the platform.

If you don't need to see them in the platform anymore...just delete them!

How do I unsubscribe a contact?

Start out on the contact record for the person you would like to unsubscribe. From there, click the Available Actions button and choose Unsubscribe.

You'll see a pop-up window with a confirmation dialogue, which will ask you to make sure that you want to unsubscribe the contact. 

As long as you're sure, click the red Unsubscribe Contact button to remove them from all communication lists.

Once the contact has been unsubscribed, you'll see it show up in their Activity Feed.

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