How do I send an email to a single contact?

Let's start out on the contact record for the contact that you would like to email. Click on the Available Actions button and click the Send Email option.

This will open up a simple, text-based email editor - not the more advanced newsletter editor that we use in the bulk email section.

This email editor is great for sending quick, unbranded emails - they'll look similar to when you send them from your regular email account!

Once you type in your subject and body, just hit the green Send Email button to send it on its way.

NOTE: This is a single email to a single contact. We don't need merge fields like contact.first_name, etc...just type the person's name!

What are the special menus for?

Special menus - meaning Form Links, Blog Links, and Appointment Links - are pretty awesome.

You can use these menus to insert special links to forms and appointment booking pages with automatic contact recognition.

For instance, if you use a link from the Appointment Links menu, the email recipient can click it and skip right past the form - they'll just select a date and time and that's it! It's a great time saver when you're trying to get a contact to take a quick action.

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