Why would I want to pause a campaign?

The two most common reasons that someone will pause a campaign is that someone is away from your business for a period of time (i.e. a hold), or that they want to delay the start of a campaign.

How do I pause a campaign?

Starting on the contact record, click the Campaign Actions dropdown.

From that dropdown, select the Pause Campaign option.

This will open a slide-out panel which will give you a few options regarding how you pause a campaign.

Pause Indefinitely

If you choose to pause a campaign indefinitely, it'll just remain paused until a staff member goes back to the contact record and un-pauses it.

Pause For Set Number Of Days

If you choose this option, you can just enter the number of days that you would like to pause it for. Once that number of days expires, the campaign will automatically start up again.

Pause Until Specific Date

If you choose this option, you can set the specific date on which you would like the campaign to re-start.

How do I know that a contact's campaign is paused?

For all contacts with paused campaigns, we'll add an orange Paused badge at the top of their contact record.

You'll also see it in their activity feed.

How do I manually resume a campaign that is paused?

To restart a paused campaign, just open up the Campaign Actions menu again. For contacts with a paused campaign, there will be a Resume Campaign option.

You'll be presented with a pop-up confirmation dialogue letting you know the next steps.

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