What is a SmartGroup?

SmartGroups are a HUGE asset to the organization and categorization of your contacts, both for record keeping and for bulk communication. They can handle complex logic rules, AND will automatically update the contacts who are in them.

A SmartGroup has two components: a bucket and filters.

Your Bucket

Every SmartGroup starts out with a bucket. Think of this like an actual bucket you would have at the beach - it's your starting group of contacts for the SmartGroup. 

For instance, we could add all of our Leads to the bucket, or only our New Leads...it just depends on your use case (we'll give some examples at the end).

Your Filters

After adding contacts to your bucket, you can then filter those contacts up to four times. 

For instance, for your first filter, if you added Assigned Staff Member: Maggie Houchin, then the Smart Group would return only contacts who were initially added to your bucket who are also assigned to Maggie Houchin.

If you added a second filter of Appointment Attended: Free Consultation to the same SmartGroup, it would return contacts who were initially added to your bucket who are assigned to Maggie Houchin AND who have attended a Free Consultation appointment.

How do I configure a SmartGroup?

Head over to Account Settings and click Segmentation.

From there, open up the SmartGroups area.

This will bring you to the main SmartGroup page. All of the existing SmartGroups in your account will be listed here.

Let's create a new SmartGroup! Click the New SmartGroup button, pick a name for your new group, and add a description so it will be easy to identify. 

Now, add some contact groups to your Bucket. We'll add all of our Leads as an example.

Now, let's filter those contacts. We will add a filter for only those who have attended a Welcome Aboard appointment.

That's all it takes! You have just created a SmartGroup that will return any Lead who has attended a Welcome Aboard appointment type but has not actually converted to a Client. 

These are typically your highest priority leads to follow up with because they have already physically visited your business!

If you wish to add any additional filters, just click on Add Filter Area.

All you have to do is hit the Save SmartGroup button and you can use these criteria for bulk communications and contact filtering!

Do the contact lists automatically update?

This the true power of SmartGroups! We're not actually saving groups of contacts - we're saving CRITERIA.

That means that whenever you use a SmartGroup, it'll include any contacts who meet that criteria at the specific time you're using it.

Set it up once and use it whenever you want...that's the true power of UpLaunch SmartGroups!

Watch us create a Smart Group!

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