Automated correspondence is a powerful tool - but it's super important that you, as a business owner, have a good grasp on what we're sending to people.

Campaign Step Timing

Campaign steps generally run at 9am in your local time zone. That goes for everything - emails, SMS messages, staff notifications, and more.

There are a few exceptions to this, and they all revolve around actions that trigger an immediate response - for example, when a contact fills out the New Lead Form.

Although the first step of the Active Lead Campaign sends the contact both an email and an SMS Message, we'll stop the SMS message if it's outside of our sending window (see below).

SMS Sending Window

Automated SMS messaging will only run between 9am and 9pm in your local timezone. 

As of now, you can still send manual SMS messages outside of that window - but be respectful! We recommend only replying to real-time incoming messages after 9pm or before 9am.

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