While we currently do not have a Slack Integration, our Zapier integration gives a lot of flexibility. This article outlines how to send your New Leads to Slack, but the principles can apply to any type of notification you want to send to slack.

  1. Enable Zapier integration from the Menu -> Integrations link. 

  2. Create a New Zap.

  3. Trigger - New Contact Created.

  4. Action - Send Channel Message.

  5. Channel - "Use a Custom Value"

  6. Custom Value for Channel Id - Just insert the channel name(i.e. "Leads")

  7. In the Message Text - Create your Template of what you want to share to that channel. Use the Top right button in the text box to bring in the template items (i.e. Name, Email, Phone, Assigned Staff).

  8. Send a Test

  9. #Boom, it's all set up!

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