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Redirecting a contact after booking

When creating or editing an appointment type, you can enter a URL that the contact will be redirected to after a successful booking.

Not only does this let you create a customized "Thank You" experience, but it also lets you place a Facebook pixel on that page to track conversions (if you're so inclined).

NOTE: This is customizable by appointment type, and must be turned on/off for each appointment type accordingly.

To enable a booking redirect, simple create a new appointment or edit an existing one. You'll see an area on the form that's called Booking Redirect.

Initially, it will be disabled. Click the little switch on the left to turn it on.

You'll then be able to enter a URL for a redirect page.

NOTE: Please remember to enter the entire URL, including http:// and www (if applicable). The easiest way to do this is to visit the page in your web browser and then copy/paste the URL from the address bar.

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