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The native ClickFunnels integration is designed to embed the UpLaunch Scheduler as a seamless step in your ClickFunnels Funnel.


  • Step 1: Fill out native ClickFunnels form on landing page

  • Step 2: The contact is created as a New Lead in UpLaunch, and taken to the scheduler (no double form entry!)

  • Step 3: Once the contact books an appointment, they're taken back to the ClickFunnels Thank You page.

Step 1: Turn It On

Head over to the Integrations page and open up the ClickFunnels integration.

Just like all of our integrations, it loads up in the "off" position.

Use the switch in the top-right corner to turn it on!

Once it's on, you'll see (below the API key and instructions) that you have a ClickFunnels Script Generator.

Step 2: Create A Page With A Form

This integration doesn't require you to embed an UpLaunch form into ClickFunnels - in fact, that won't work.

Instead, you'll need to create an opt-in page in ClickFunnels that has the four fields that UpLaunch uses:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

Step 3: Configure The Form's Submit Button

In the ClickFunnels editor, click on your form's submit button to launch the options.

When the options slider is open, select "Set Action".

After that, set the button action to "Go To Next Step In Funnel".

NOTE: You will likely see warnings in the editor that your form is not submitted - that is the desired behavior.

Step 4: Select Your Funnel

Back to UpLaunch - it's time to start setting up the ClickFunnels Code Generator.

The first thing to do is select the funnel that you would like these new leads assigned to.

NOTE: Only funnels that use an appointment type with self scheduling TURNED ON will show up in this list.

Step 5: Find Your CSS Identifiers

You'll see in the ClickFunnels Code Generator that you need to put in five IDs.

Don't worry - these are easy to find, with no technical knowledge required! It's just copy and paste.

In your ClickFunnels Editor, click on an element (for instance, the form button) to open up the options. At the bottom of the screen, find the '#' symbol and click on it.

That will open a pop-up window called CSS Info.

You're looking for the CSS ID Selector. 

Copy and paste that value into the corresponding field in the Code Generator in UpLaunch.

Complete this copy & paste process for the submit button and the four form fields.

Once that has been completed, you can use the green button to generate the code!

Step 6: Place Code Into ClickFunnels Page

Copy all of the code that UpLaunch generated for you to your clipboard.

Next, head back to the ClickFunnels editor and in the top bar, you'll see a Settings option.

From that dropdown, click Tracking Code.

That will open up another pop-up window with a place for you to paste code.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that you click the 'FOOTER CODE' button before you paste the code into the pop-up.

If you paste the code into 'HEADER CODE', the integration will not work.

That's it! When the form is filled out, it will now create a new lead in UpLaunch and take the contact directly to the scheduling page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ClickFunnels record the contact information with this integration?
No, the integration interrupts the submission from going to ClickFunnels, instead it goes directly into UpLaunch.

My leads aren't making there way over to UpLaunch?
Make sure to follow Step #3 listed above. The button action must "Go to the next step in the funnel".

How do I track where the leads are coming from?
There are a few ways to set this up. You can create a separate journey for each ClickFunnels "Funnel". Some gyms have used Zapier to send the contact from UpLaunch to a Google Sheet.

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