Conversion Tracking!

As many of you know, the metrics dashboard is well underway and scheduled to be released in the next few weeks.

A core element of tracking metrics is obviously tracking your conversions - in other words, when people change from Leads to Clients (and start paying you).

Any time you move a contact who is a Lead or a Former Client into a Client campaign, you'll now be asked if you would like to mark this as a New Sale.

It's that simple! Just select "Yes" or "No".

We're keeping track of which campaign they come from, so we'll be able to tell you which campaigns are converting the most people, how many former clients are getting re-activated, and some other cool data points as well.

Visual Improvements

We made a couple of visual tweaks on some client-facing elements, including the lead capture form and the booking widget.

Please note that EVERYTHING still works exactly the same - not to worry 😂

The "submit" button on the embedded new lead form is no longer translucent when disabled - it's more bold so people can see it easily on your website.

The booking widget itself has been visually re-done as well - as shown here:

GDPR Compliant Forms

If you're not in the E.U., this doesn't affect you - but if you are, you likely want to get the GDPR-compliant check boxes on your opt-in forms.

In your business branding, you now have the option to click a check box if you want to use the GDPR forms.

If selected, we'll add the explicit consent checkboxes to your forms as required by GDPR law, pictured below:

Zapier Action: "Appointment Created"

A new Zap Action has been added! You can now create appointments in UpLaunch from other booking platforms.

The use case for this is pretty simple: If you are going complex bookings (multiple locations, group bookings, pooled availability) and you feel like a solution such as Acuity or Calendly will work better for's no problem!

You can now integrate Acuity and Calendly easily with UpLaunch using this Zapier action!

Simply use Acuity (for instance) as the trigger, and run the zap every time a specific appointment type is booked. The action would be to create the corresponding appointment in UpLaunch.

IMPORTANT: The Zap gives you the ability to decide whether or not you want UpLaunch to send out appointment notifications (to avoid double emails to your clients).

Additional Bug Fixes & Tweaks

  • Provided the ability to use Custom Groups as bucket / filter criteria when creating SmartGroups.
  • Fixed a few hiccups with the future booking restriction feature.
  • Fixed a bug where a contact was getting erroneously moved to the wrong campaign under extremely specific circumstances (only affected 1 contact).
  • Fixed a visual issue where the dark backdrop over the interface wouldn't dismiss after completing a task.

What's Coming Up

  • Metrics Dashboard
  • Personalized Bulk SMS (contact first name, etc)
  • Call To Action in Lead Campaign SMS
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