Each staff member on your UpLaunch account who books appointments should be encouraged to sync their Google Calendar with the platform!

It's super easy - only takes about 3 minutes to do.

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How To Sync Your Google Calendar With UpLaunch

To get started, head to Integrations and then open up the Google Calendar Integration.

From there, click the blue "Authorize Google Account" button.

After that, it'll take you to Google which will ask you to authenticate your account. Simply select whichever account you'd like to authenticate with and enter your password as required.

Once that's done, it'll take you back to the platform and show you a dropdown list with all of your calendars.

Simply select the calendar you want to sync with your UpLaunch account and hit 'Save Settings'!

NOTE: You must click 'Save Settings' or the sync will not work.

NOTE: We will not sync appointments that have already been booked to your Google Calendar. The sync will only push appointments that are booked after it's been configured.

When Does UpLaunch Push To Google Calendar?

Creating Appointments

Any time a new appointment is created in UpLaunch for that specific staff member, it will be pushed to the staff member's synced Google Calendar.

Rescheduling Appointments

Any time an appointment is edited in UpLaunch, the corresponding Google Event will be updated as well.

Canceling Appointments From UpLaunch

Any time an appointment is canceled in UpLaunch, it will delete the corresponding Google Event.

When Does Google Calendar Push To UpLaunch?

A New Event Is Created

Any time a new event is created on your Google Calendar, it'll block that time out on your UpLaunch calendar.

A Calendar Invite Is Accepted

If you accept an invite on your Google Calendar, it'll block that time out on your UpLaunch Calendar.

NOTE: If you receive and invite but do not accept, it will NOT block out the time on your Google Calendar.

Deleting Appointments From Google Calendar

Any time a Google Event is deleted from a synced calendar that corresponds with an upcoming UpLaunch Appointment, that appointment will be canceled.

What to do if Google Sync isn't working?

  • First, look at the blockout dates - if it's getting blocked out from sync or manually, it will be shown in the blockout dates calendar view.

  • Make sure that you are actually *accepted* the appointment that you think should be blocked out - it's an "invitation" until it's accepted, at which point it's actually an appointment.

  • If it still is not working Deauthorize your Google calendar and then resync

How do you know if Google Sync is set up properly

If you want to check to see if the Google calendar that you synced has been set up properly go to either your initials in the upper right hand corner and click on Staff Block Out Dates.

Or go to Account Settings > Staff Block Out Dates > Launch

And you will see a page similar to this.

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