Customizable Journeys

Walkthrough Video

How Journeys Work

Journeys have officially replaced Funnels inside the UpLaunch Platform!

All of the functionality that you're used to from Funnels is still there (selecting appointment types, staff assignment options, booking rules, etc).

However, the difference is that you can now customize every single campaign step - including tasks, emails, SMS, and staff notifications.

Additional Walkthroughs

You can check out this video from our Facebook User Group, where we walk through some common use cases for Journeys!

Default Content Customization

The same powerful editor that we built for Journeys is also available to set your default content! No more "email only" editing - you can also change tasks, SMS, and staff notifications for your entire business as well!

To edit your default content, just head over to Account Settings, and click Default Content.

Metrics (Beta...Very Very Beta) 😂

We're big data nerds here at UpLaunch, and providing you guys with the insane amount of data that we gather has always been a goal of ours.

We finally launched the first beta version of our metrics dashboard, so go check it out!

It's pretty basic for now, and will grow in scope and complexity over time.

Additional Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Added merge fields into all SMS editors so you can personalize the outgoing messages.
  • Made some compliance-related improvements to our SMS opt-out functionality.
  • Added a dynamic "call to action" for SMS messages, which will provide leads with a link inside the SMS to book their Journey appointment.
  • Made a number of improvements regarding the deletion of staff members, and the "safety checks" that we do before allowing someone to be deleted.
  • Fixed a bug that was surfacing availability for deleted staff members.
  • Added timestamps to the activity feed that update without a page refresh, so the times are always accurate.

What's Coming Up

  • Launched an integration & partnership with WODSites - more to come on that shortly!
  • Started to build out the integration with PushPress - more to come on that too!
  • Re-working SMS functionality to ensure that it works correctly for international clients where SMS is available.
  • Custom redirect after opting in (instead of always sending to the booking widget). This will be great for "thank you" pages, delivering lead magnets, etc.
  • Some general housekeeping tasks that we have been putting off while crushing it on Journeys.
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