In UpLaunch, our appointment availability is tied specifically to a staff account. That means when someone goes to book an appointment, they are booking with a specific person. In a future update, we will be adding a feature so that you could book multiple people to a time slot (i.e. a Free Intro Class that needs 5 spaces available).

In the meantime, there is a work-a-round to book multiple time-slots for appointments.

There are four distinct steps

  1. Create Ghost Staff Members

  2. Add Availability to each Ghost Staff Member

  3. Add each Ghost Staff Member to the Appointment

  4. Reconfigure the Client Journey Settings

Create Ghost Staff Members

Navigate to Account Settings -> Staff Members and start creating separate instances of the staff member that handles the appointment.

For example, If I need 5 spots available, I will create 4 additional ghost staff members. In the "First Name" field, add a number after their name ("Mike-2"). In the email field, add a +# before the @ sign. If you're using gmail, the emails will still come to your account ( You can use your same phone number as your main account. Create this as many times as you need appointment slots.

Add Availability

Navigate to Account Settings -> Staff Availability and create the appointment slots for each ghost staff member.

If you need to book specific start times (i.e. free intro class times or 6 week challenge appointment times), read below.

I find it best to explain this by using a specific example. Here is the scenario. You offer your 30 minute "6 Week Challenge Intro" appointment on Mondays at 3:00 pm, 4:00 pm, 5:00 pm.

Initially, we would think to create a block of availability from 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm in the platform. However, by doing that, you will allow any 15 minute increment to be booked for a total of 30 minutes. Meaning that a contact could book at 3:00 pm, 3:15 pm, 3:30 pm, 3:45 pm, as long as there were 30 minutes available. Since we want them to book on the hour, we need to set our availability to match that.

If you wanted to book on the half hours (i.e. 3:00 pm & 3:30 pm), then change your appointment duration to 15 minutes in total length and set availability from 3:00 pm - 3:15 pm & 3:30 pm - 3:45 pm. 

Add Ghost Staff Members to Appointment

Navigate to Account Settings -> Appointment Types

Go into the specific appointment and add each ghost member to that appointment.

Reconfigure Client Journey Settings

After everything else is done, go to Account Settings -> Client Journeys. Select the Journey, click on Actions -> Journey Settings. On the "Call to Action" Step, verify that your new ghost accounts are listed as staff members. 

Then on the next step "Staff Assignment", select the option under "Who should these leads be assigned to?" to "Select a different staff member to handle all of the leads". Then chose your MAIN account that you log in with regularly. 

Finish the set-up wizard and now your all set up for multiple bookings per time slot!

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