There are certain situations, workflows, and use cases where you might want to have a staff notification run to specific people on a specific campaign step.

The good news: you've got the flexibility to make it happen!

You can customize this for your entire account, or just for a specific journey.

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How To Customize Your Notifications

Go to Account Settings, and open up Default Content (if you want to edit for your entire account), or Journeys (if you want to edit for a specific Journey).

If you're editing a specific Journey, open the Actions dropdown on the Journey you want to edit and select Customize Campaigns.

Select the campaign that you want to edit. In our example, we're editing the New Lead Campaign.

Open up the campaign step that you want to edit. In our example, we're editing the First Step.

Scroll down to Staff Notification Email and hit Customize Staff Email.

From there, you can select according to Admin Only / Admin & Manager / Assigned Staff Member Only / Assigned Staff Member & Admin / All Staff Members, or choose Manual Selection and pick the specific staff members who you want to receive the alert. Make sure you save after making the changes!

You can change the Staff Notification SMS the exact same way.

Unread SMS Notification - This Can NOT Be Customized

The assigned staff member gets the notification that the SMS has not been read in the platform after 10 minutes. This notification can not be customized for a different staff member.

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