Some people who come to us from other software platforms may have a Twilio account with a phone number that they've already been using.

You don't need to start from scratch! You can get the number transferred in and use it for your UpLaunch account.

Transfer Process

  1. In order to transfer the number, you need to own the current account that the number exists on. That would mean that you have a direct login to Twilio, and can access your account through their user interface.

  2. You'll need to find the Account SID  for your Twilio account. This is right on your dashboard when you log in (see screenshot at the bottom of this list).

  3. Head over to Twilio's support form and fill out the form. You'll have to give them your Twilio phone number and tell them you want to transfer the number FROM your Account SID TO ours, which is AC617e25922dab889bc048ca2535af745c

  4. After that, drop us a line via the Support Chat and provide us with the phone number and your Account SID  as well! 

  5. We'll wait for the transfer to go through, update a few items on our side, and let you know when it's good to go.

IMPORTANT: Once we complete the transfer, your OLD number will be released, and will no longer send incoming messages to your UpLaunch Account.

Where To Find Your Account SID

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