Images are a great way to spruce up your emails - when used properly! This short article will show you how to insert images into your emails.

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Best Practices - Email Images

Images are not the solution to every problem!

In fact, using too many images can CAUSE problems - including making your emails more likely to end up in the dreaded SPAM folder.

If you're going to use an email, use them wisely. Make sure that they add to the message of the email, that they aren't offensive, and generally keep it to just one per email.

How To Add An Image To An Email

To get started, head over to either Bulk email, Campaigns, or the Journey that you would like to customize an email. In this example we are going to use the first email in the New Lead campaign. Click on "Edit This Step".

From here, click the purple "Customize Email" button.

After that, you'll be taken to the email builder. Simply drag the "Image" button to the spot where you want the image to be. 

NOTE: If you would like to place an image inside the middle of a text box, you will have to add another Text box, then cut and past the info into that box.

Click on the "Browse" button.

You can either upload or import pictures by clicking on the "myfiles" folder.

Clicking on the "Upload" button will take you to the files within your computer. Clicking on the "Import" button will give you access to all the following sites.

Once you have the picture you want, click the blue "Insert" button.

To resize the image turn off the "Auto width" toggle then slide the dot between 20% - 100%. One of the other option you may like to use is, adding a URL when someone clicks on the picture.

When you are done make sure you click on the purple "Save" button, and it's always a good ideal to send a test email by clicking on "Send Test".

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