Delivering a PDF download is a great tactic to entice someone to opt-in to your email campaign.

Most people end up uploading the PDF or other file to their web host or other file service, and then providing a link to it in an email.

Our email editor makes it even easier.

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How To Deliver A File In An Email

To get started, head over to either Bulk email, Campaigns, or the Journey that you would like to customize an email in. In this example we are going to use the first email in the New Lead campaign. Click on "Edit This Step".

From here, click the purple "Customize Email" button.

After that, you'll be taken to the email builder. Simply highlight the text that would like to make into a hyperlink then click on the Chain (circled in Red below).

On this next screen, you can enter a "URL" or click on the "File Manager".

You can either upload or import a PDF by clicking on the "myfiles" folder.

Clicking on the "Upload" button will take you to the files within your computer.

Clicking on the "Import" button will give you access to all the following sites.

Once you have the PDF uploaded or imported into the myfiles folder, all you have to do is click the blue "Insert" button.

If the "Text to display" does not populate, just type in what you would like to display as the document title. Then click the blue "OK" button.

The second method you can use is to insert a button. Click on the "Button" button and drag it to where you would like to see it in the email.

NOTE: If you would like to place a Button in the middle of a text box, you will have to add another Text box, then cut and past the info into that box.

Once the button is where you want it, click on the blue "Button" button. 

On this screen you can choose where the file will come from, click on "Link file" and that will take you to myfiles folder where we were earlier. If you click on "Special links" you will have the option of inserting an Appointment Type, Custom Form Type, or Blogs.

When you are done make sure you click on the purple "Save" button, and it's always a good ideal to send a test email by clicking on "Send Test".

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