Facebook Pixel BETA

The UpLaunch Facebook Pixel integration is officially in closed beta! Our goal is to have this out of beta by December 1st.

We'll have more documentation forthcoming, but here's what the integration does:

  1. Fires a PageView  event whenever someone visits a native UpLaunch landing page or blog post
  2. Fires a Lead Standard Event whenever someone opts-in
  3. Fires a RegistrationCompleted Standard Event whenever a lead books an appointment.

Additional Reading

NOTE: If you want access to the FB Pixel Integration while it's in beta, hit us up via support!

WODSites Integration

Your website is a key element of your business presence, and effects everything from branding to conversion rates.

Although we aren't a website company, we believe in making sure that our clients have access to the BEST of everything.

Because of this, we've struck up a partnership with WODSites to get current UpLaunch gyms access to their web design talents for a special package price.

We'll have additional information on this coming soon, but if you're in the market for a new website and want to make sure that it's fully optimized and deeply integrated with UpLaunch, hit us up in support and we'll tell you more about our offer.

This will be publicly launching before the end of the year!

Additional Updates & Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug where the future booking date restriction was functioning improperly under a very specific set of circumstances.
  2. Fixed a bug that caused the "Appointment Booked" contact filter to return an incorrect set of contacts.
  3. Added the ability to mark a new sale when manually creating a contact directly into a Client campaign.
  4. Fixed an issue where some of our code that runs nightly for various updates was using too much memory. Correcting this issue resulted in increased stability for our platform.
  5. Added the ability for you to redirect new leads to a custom page after an opt-in instead of sending them directly to the booking widget.
  6. Updated the way that we spin up SMS numbers to provide better support to non-U.S. customers.
  7. Fixed an issue that was allowing users to save customized tasks with a blank title.
  8. Fixed a bug that was causing customized staff SMS messages to fail.
  9. Implemented new customer success software to keep better tabs on how the platform is being used and the results that we're helping you guys achieve.
  10. Added a 320 character limit on customized SMS to protect deliverability.

What's Next?

  • PushPress Integration 😎
  • Enhanced activity feed items to tell you WHY certain things happened (triggered by Zapier, triggered by PushPress, triggered by a staff member, etc).
  • Better campaign logic to make sure that API requests (i.e. Zapier) don't move people backwards in a life cycle. An example of this is if you had a Zap that was set up to change someone's campaign to New Client, and it triggered for someone who is an Established Client - currently, it would re-start them.
  • Rate throttling for bulk SMS. In an effort to minimize carrier restriction violations, we'll be slowing down the rate at which we send out you bulk SMS. Each bulk SMS will be sent out over the course of an hour instead of all at once.
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