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Integrate Facebook Lead Ads With UpLaunch


Integrating your Facebook Pixel with UpLaunch is incredibly easy, thanks to our Facebook Pixel Integration.

The integration will fire the pixel any time someone views your UpLaunch landing pages or UpLaunch blog pages.

It will fire a Lead Standard Event when someone opts in via a New Lead Form.

It will also fire a Completed Registration Standard Event when a lead books an appointment.

If that all sounds super confusing, don't sweat it! We've got a few videos here so you can get your learn on!

Set Up The Integration

Creating Custom Audiences

A Facebook "Custom Audience" is a group of people who have taken a specific action. This could include people who (for example) visited a specific page on your website, or (another example) opted in to a specific UpLaunch Journey.

Custom Audience From Website Visitors

Custom Audience From UpLaunch Leads

Creating A Facebook Ad To Drive Opt-Ins

When creating a Facebook ad, you'll need to set up your "conversion". 

Most people think of conversions as sales - however, in the context of Facebook ads, just think if it as an objective.

For the purpose of this next video, the objective of our video is to get people to opt-in to one of our UpLaunch Journeys.

NOTE: You'll need to fire the conversion at least once before it shows up in the dropdown list. You can do this by opting-in to your platform after the pixel integration has been set up.

Setting Up The Ad Campaign

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