The UpLaunch Scheduler is built with simplicity in mind. It works best for one-on-one appointments, and if you are using recurring weekly availability.

Although we do have plans to continue to enhance our native scheduler, many people out there have more advanced needs such as non-recurring availability, group booking, charging for appointments, etc.

For use cases such as that, we recommend Acuity Scheduling as an integration partner!

We've built a fully native integration with Acuity so that you can sync appointments with one click, use them as a call-to-action in your Journeys, and seamlessly book from inside the platform as well!

Get An Acuity Account

In order to sign up for an Acuity account, you can use this button:

IMPORTANT: You'll need to sign up for the *Powerhouse* plan in order to have the API access required for our integration.

Integration Setup

Booking Appointments

Journeys & Acuity Appointments

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