Wix websites deal with embed forms a little bit differently than traditional websites. Not to worry - this article will show you exactly how to embed your opt-in form on a Wix website!

Instructional Video

Add The Booking Form To A Wix/Squarespace Web Site

Steps Inside Of UpLaunch

First, head to your UpLaunch account and open up the Instructions page for the Journey that you'd like to use. 

NOTE: The Instructions page is under the 'Actions' dropdown.

Instead of copying the entire embed code, just copy the part that is highlighted here:

Steps On Your Wix Website

Load up your site and go into Editor more.

From there, click on the + Add button > More > Embed A Site

Click on Enter Website Address, paste the code that you copied from UpLaunch in the box and hit enter.

You'll then see the form on your Wix website, like this:

Last but not least, resize the form and place it in the desired location on your Wix site!

Other Ways to Install the Form

If your web development platform does not have the embed a site option, you may embed the same link from above using some basic html.

<embed src="https://uplaunchformurl.com" width=100% height=350px>

You can adjust the sizing of the height to fit your specific webpage, widget, etc.

321GoProject Website

Use the instructions above and navigate to the Gym Dashboard -> Forms & Widgets -> Schedule Intro / Main Call-to-Action

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