While no one likes when people leave or cancel, the Cancellation Request Form is a great ways for you to manage that part of the lifecycle.

The form can be embedded on a webpage, direct linked or sent via the email option inside of the contacts profile. You can locate the form by going to Account Settings -> Form Builder -> Instructions. It can all be accessed in an email by clicking on the Forms Links drop-down.

When a client completes the form, we will map the email address to their account and create a task for you to follow up on their contact record. If the client uses a different email address, the system will trigger an "unknown contact record", so be mindful if you see that.

Upon completing the follow-up task, you will need to manually move the client to the completed cancellation campaign. If you want, you can move the client to the campaign and then pause the campaign to start on the date their membership expires. Also, we typically recommend to move the client from the Pending Cancellation Campaign to Completed Completed Cancellation Campaign when their membership actually concludes at your facility.


A notification will be sent to the Account Administrator as well as the Assigned Staff member.


When a cancellation request is filled out, schedule a time to do an exit interview with the client, whether that is in person or over the phone. In many cases, you can find a solution to keep them from cancelling. 

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