How to Export From Major Billing Platforms

Below you will find instruction on exporting your contacts from PushPress, Wodify, ZenPlanner, MindBody, Pike13, Triibe, and Constant Contact.

PushPress Export

To export clients from PushPress:

  1. Navigate to People -> Members

  2. On the right hand side column -> Download Members

  1. Navigate to People -> Leads

  2. On the right hand side column -> Download Leads

Wodify Export

To export clients from Wodify:

  1. Sign in to Wodify and click on Reporting -> Athletes

  2. Click on 'View' next to the Athletes Home Map report

  3. Make sure 'Active Athletes Only' is checked and click the Export button

Zen Planner Export

To export clients from Zen Planner you will want to run the 'People Report.'

  • When you are logged into Zen Planner database, click Dashboards on the top left

  • Click on New Report on the top left

  • Choose People

  • The report will auto-populate to only include your active members

  • On the top right, click Edit Report Settings

  • Under Columns, make sure each of the following is checked and then click refresh report:

- First Name

- Last Name

- Gender

- Birth Date

- Address

- Email

- Phone

- Status

- Signup Date

  • At the top of the generated report, click on the download icon and select CSV

  • If Save As dialog box opens, change the name to PersonExport.csv and click Save

MindBodyOnline Export

PLEASE NOTE: MBO now limits the number & types of reports you can access related to your software subscription level. Depending on your MBO subscription level, you may not have access to pull this report. Please reach out to MBO if you have questions about accessing reports.

  1. From your MBO account click on Reports then Clients then Mailing Lists.

  2. From the Mailers & Data Exports page use the box at the top of the report to generate a report and filter the results of the report. 

  3. To export all the people in your MBO database head under the title Mailer Lists, you'll see a drop down menu that says Email List. Change this to Mailing List. In the List Clients and Client's Opt-In Status field, select All Clients. Leave all the other fields the same.

  4. Save the file then open the file on your computer and convert it to a csv.

Pike 13 Export

To export all clients from Pike 13 Online:

  1. Sign in to Pike 13 and click on Reporting icon in the top right corner and click New Reporting.

  2. Click on Clients & Staff and proceed to Click on Clients

  3. Click on the Details icon and click Export in the top right corner.

  4. Report will be emailed to you after hitting Export

To export Active Memberships only from Pike 13 Online:

  1. Sign in to Pike 13 and click on Reporting icon in the top right corner and click New Reporting.

  2. Click on Clients & Staff and proceed to click on Client Passes & Plans

  3. Click on Details and click on Filters to eliminate those that have already Ended their membership by choosing Ended? - is - NO 

  4. Finish by exporting document. It will be emailed to you upon completion. 

Triibe Export

To export active clients from Triibe:

  1. Sign in and head to your dashboard 

  2. From dashboard click on members then active members list. 

  3. Select Download to CSV from the top right corner. 

  4. Please review this list as it can be inaccurate. For example, if a contact had an attendance package that never expired, but they are not active in the gym, we wouldn't want to put them in the Established Client campaign.

Constant Contact Export

You can also see their help article here

  1. Click Contacts

  2. Search for or click the name of the list you want to export. Note: To export all contacts in your account, click Active.

  3. Select all of the email addresses that displayed by clicking the check box.

  4. Click Export

  5. Choose the fields you want to include in your export

  6. Click Export Contacts 

  7. Click Activity

  8. Click Download CSV for the most recent report


(Once you export your contacts, follow this help article -

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