Navigate to Menu -> Account Settings -> Appointment Types

Select New Appointment Type

Configure Appointment

Give the Appointment a name - this will show up on top of the Intake Form i.e Nutrition.

Duration - This is how long the appointment will last. If you are going to use "Padding Between Appoints" plan accordingly these two added together will make up your complete appointment time.

Permitted Staff Member - Add every staff member that you want to be able to handle this appointment type.

Allow your contacts to self-schedule this appointment type - If you choose Yes, they will be able to schedule for any coach when time is permitted. If you choose No, you will only be able to book this appointment from within the platform. You can also use this as a call-to-action on a Journey, but your contact's won't be allowed to self schedule. It simply delineates the type of appointment that you want to use in their Journey and also change the button on the bottom of the Journey Form to "Let's Go!" instead of "View Available Times".

How much advanced notice is required to book this appointment type - You can choose between 0 and 48 hours.

Restrict Future Booking Dates - How far in the future you want a contact to be able to view your calendar. We recommend between 5 - 10 days

Redirect to custom page after successful booking - After a contact books an appointment you can have the webpage redirect to a custom page you created with something like "thank you for booking an appointment message" or a link to a YouTube page thanking them for booking an appointment. Just turn it on and insert the URL.

Use A Booking Form For This Appointment Type - When this is turned on you can choose from the dropdown any of the Default Forms or a Custom Form you have created to be added to the appointment. This form, when filled out, will be saved on the Leads contact record.

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