When an appointment is booked, rescheduled or canceled, we send an email to the contact and to the staff member who is handling it. We also send a text notification to the staff member.

Additionally, the day before an appointment, we send a text reminder to the contact to try and keep no-show rates down.

If you would like to customize those messages, here's how to do it.

Video Walkthrough

How To Customize Appointment Notifications

Head over to Account Settings then the Appointments Type page and click the "Launch" button.

Choose the Appointment that you would like to customize the notification for by clicking on the Actions button and then Notifications.

Choose which Notification you would like to customize by clicking on the "Edit Email" or "Edit SMS" button. This will open either the email or sms editor.

You can see in this example that the SMS Notification has been Edited & Unsaved.

Make sure you click on the "Save Notifications" button or all your hard work will not be saved :(

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