When someone fills out a form or an appointment and their email isn't recognized by the system, we generate a task titled "Unknown Contact Alert". This is done to alert you that they need to either be placed in a campaign or what usually happens is a typo or a different email address than what we have logged into the system. 

REMINDER: If you're trying to capture leads, use the Journey Instructions link rather than the Appointment Instructions link.

The appointment booking pages are different from the Journey Landing Pages. The booking pages are generally intended for existing contacts - in other words, you want your clients to book a goal setting appointment.

We don't change a contact's campaign when they fill out an appointment booking form, since it can be used at any point within the lifecycle.

If a brand new contact somehow gets a link to a booking page, they'll still be able to book the appointment. We'll also generate an Unknown Contact Task for the admin user so they can figure out who the new contact is and drop them in the appropriate campaign.

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