Customizing UpLaunch - BoxBuilder edition is incredibly easy on the campaign level, but one of our quick start offerings in in the Configuration Question section under Account Settings. This article explains answering those questions and their impact on campaigns. 

Coaches Page URL

Insert the link to your coaches page on your website and we drop this into the New Lead Campaign. 

Member Success Page

This is either a testimonial video or your success stories page, we drop it into the New Client Campaign.

InBody Scan

Yes/No question that inserts an paragraph into the New Lead Campaign on the email "Your First Visit"

Performance Tracking Software

This inserts a link to download your preferred performance tracking software (We <3 SugarWOD) into the New Client Campaign email "Why Workout Tracking Matters".

Private Facebook Group

This invites your clients to join your private facebook group and is part of the New Client Campaign email "{{ }} Access Granted..."

Apparel Discount

One of the best ways to build your brand and build brand ambassadors, we recommend giving a discount on their first purchase of apparel. This offer is included in the New Client Campaign email "Be Proud... Rock {{ }} Gear!"

Driven Nutrition Affiliate

If you are a current Driven Nutrition Affiliate, insert your affiliate # in this box and we will customize a series of emails in the New Client Campaign. Designed to get your clients to purchase supplements using your affiliate code to increase their Lifetime Value. The Driven Nutrition contents shows up on Day 1 - Day 4 - Day 43 and Day 64 of the New Client Campaign.

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