If you're a gym owner who has multiple-locations, deciding whether to use a single UpLaunch account for multiple-locations or an UpLaunch account for each location is an important decision. 

Here are the considerations.

Is each location branded together or separate?
If separate, creating unique brand identity would require a LOT of customization in our campaigns. Our business branding settings only support one location, which feeds all of the brand elements to the campaigns, including logo, location, etc.

Do you have multiple people managing client experiences at each gym or does one person manage for both gyms?
If a single person is managing your lead outreach and/or client relations, then one account may be a better fit. Most likely, they'll be able to keep on the contacts organized because of the frequency they're in the system. If you have multiple people handling this, the overlap could cause a few things to fall through the cracks (i.e. SMS Inbox and replying to leads)

Do you report separate P&L, Scorecards, Metrics, etc?
While you can get data from the metrics area of the platform by journey/appointment type. It's not as clearly defined when you start adding in multi-locations, a second account has a better visibility to the performance.

Are the locations geographically in a reasonable distance?
For gym owners who have locations in the same town, the customization is minimal by including addresses and contact information in the appointment notification settings.

If you need a certain schedule to be available at one location and another schedule to be at the other location, there is a limitation there as well. To achieve this, you would have to either use the AcuityScheduling Integration or set up a "ghost" staff member with separate schedules in a single account. In a multiple account environment, you could have your schedule be complimentary (i.e. At Location 1 on MWF/Location 2 on TThSa) and still receive all the notifications.

Our native facebook pixel integration only supports one pixel. So if you are managing separate pixels for your marketing purposes, a second account is 

Your sales rep and/or onboarding specialist can help you figure out what the best solution 

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