Email Address Statuses are a way for you to tell if the contact is subscribed or unsubscribed, if the email address is likely bad or if there was a spam complaint reported from the email address.

You can find emails statuses on the 'Contact Record' right next to their email address.

Here are the possible statuses and what they mean and what you can do about them. 

  • Subscribed - A subscribed email address status means that we have not received any deliverability issues with the address and the contact is in good standing with receiving your content. 

  • Unsubscribed - An unsubscribed email address status means the contact has unsubscribed from your content and will no longer get content from the platform. 

  • Bad Address - A bad email address status means that we tried to send an email but the email failed to reach the inbox. This may happen because the email has a typo or it doesn't exist. You can update the contact's email address to fix this issue if you have it. 

  • Spam Complaint - A spam complaint email address status means that one of the emails that was sent to the email address was reported as spam. Once we receive word of the spam complaint we permanently unsubscribe them from the platform to protect your sending reputation and email deliverability. 

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