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The UpLaunch platform is delivered with 200+ pieces of content to create a world class client experience. 

As a bonus, if you are a current UpLaunch and HSN client you have access to a custom HSN journey. If you have questions about Journeys be sure to check out our help article.

How to Create a Journey

What is different about the HSN Journey

The structure of the entire Journey remains unchanged from your default content. The New Lead Campaign is where all of the magic happens. With HSN guidance (shout out to Nicole for being amazing) all of the email content has been updated to reflect nutrition-based information. The goal of the New Lead Campaign remains the same, capture more leads, deliver value, build amazing relationships, schedule initial appointments, and increase conversions.        

In addition to the content updates, the initial step includes an HSN (it is unbranded) PDF - Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Starting to Lose Weight

After a lead naturally progresses through the New Lead Campaign they will transition to Pending Lead > Inactive Lead. Any additional content can be edited at the Journey level.

***Currently only the New Lead Campaign is customized. 

How to use the HSN Journey 

The HSN Journey is designed to capture leads by giving away HSN's PDF - Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Starting to Lose Weight

Once a leads information is captured they will be redirected to a thank you page to download the PDF and they will begin the HSN New Lead Campaign. The PDF is also in the first email.

All the other structure remains the same, an SMS is sent, the appropriate staff is notified, and the outreach task is created.    

Let's get started 

  1. You must be an UpLaunch and HSN Client

  2. You must have a thank you page for a successful redirect (Guidelines for this are available in the Marketing section with HSN) 

  3. When the above is complete, you need to email your thank you page link to 

  4. HSN will complete a thank you page review then send you a form to complete for the UpLaunch team to build your Top 5 Mistakes Campaign.

  5. You will receive a notification from UpLaunch when your Top 5 Mistakes Journey is built, typically less than a week.

  6. Grab your journey embed code, create a clear call to action on your website, and go CRUSH IT!    



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