Staff members are intertwined in the UpLaunch Experience. In some cases, your staff members may need help logging in or changing passwords. Here's some frequently asked questions and answers to help guide you.

Deleting a staff member

In most cases, you can delete a staff member in Account Settings -> Staff Members -> Edit. Just follow the walk through flow on what needs to be reassigned (tasks, appointments, and contacts). If you need help, reach out in intercom.

Staff member unable to log in

If your staff is unable to log in, make sure they have 'confirmed' their account. UpLaunch sends all new staff members an email to confirm their account prior to logging in for the first time (Check the spam folder). If the staff member has completed that, from the login screen, they can request a new password. If that fails to work, send us a note in intercom and we can manually reset it from our end.

Reassign Tasks, Appointments, Contacts

When your staff leave or take on different job responsibilities, they may no longer need to be assign to contacts, appointments or tasks. We can reassign all of those things to another staff member. Just let us know which staff members need the reassigned tasks, appointments and contacts.

NOTE: If the staff is assigned to appointments, journey steps, will need to manually remove them from those areas.

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