Custom Form Actions & Notifications

Setup notifications to be notified when a contact fills out a form. 

  • Staff Notification Email
  • Staff Notification SMS

Setup forms actions to trigger additional functionality in the platform.

  • Custom Groups - Add the contact who fills out the form to one or many custom groups automatically.
  • Campaign Overlay -  Add the contact who fills out the form to a campaign overlay automatically.

Additional Updates & Bug Fixes

  1. You can now toggle unread SMS in the SMS Inbox to make it easier to see which conversations need to view and reply.
  2. Enhanced activity feed items to tell you WHY certain things happened (triggered by Zapier, triggered by PushPress, triggered by a staff member, etc).
  3. Better campaign logic to make sure that API requests (i.e. Zapier) don't move people backwards in a life cycle. An example of this is if you had a Zap that was set up to change someone's campaign to New Client, and it triggered for someone who is an Established Client - currently, it would re-start them.
  4. Rate throttling for bulk SMS. In an effort to minimize carrier restriction violations, we'll be slowing down the rate at which we send out your bulk SMS. Each bulk SMS will be sent out over the course of an hour instead of all at once.
  5. You now can see an email address status badge next to the email address on a contact record. This will indicate if we have received any notification that the email address has unsubscribed, if the email address could not be reached or if the email address is subscribed to receive communications.

What's Next?

  • Email & SMS Scheduling - you can schedule future SMS and emails to contacts!
  • PushPress Integration - Beta Testing with our gyms

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