Create Your Form

From your 'Dashboard' head to 'Account Settings' and scroll to 'Form Builder' and select 'Create New Custom Form'. 

Once in the Form Builder you can add the questions you would like, make them required answers or not, and define the response type. 

After you have created your custom form you'll want to capture the appropriate URL to use your form - either a 'Direct Link' or the custom 'Embed Code' and you're off to the races!


You will now want to setup 'Email' and/or 'SMS' staff notifications for your Custom Form.


  1. Select 'Actions' then 'Notifications'.

  2. Toggle to 'turn on' staff notifications.

  3. Select which 'staff' should receive the notification.

  4. 'Insert' your 'Merge Field' options then add your custom text in the 'Content' area. 


  1. Toggle to 'turn on' this step to trigger when your form is submitted.

  2. Select which 'staff' should receive the notification.

  3. Write your 'Email Subject'.

  4. Drag in a 'Dynamic Content' block and select 'Content Form. Submission' from the dropdown menu. If this is not selected you will not receive the content from the form questions. 


Once a client submits a custom form you will likely want something to happen beyond staff notifications, such as adding them to 'Custom Groups' or changing the Campaign they are in. 

From the  'Actions' button select 'Form Actions'. Here you have the option to add the client to a 'Custom Group' and/or initiate a 'Campaign Change'.

Enable Custom Group 

  1. Toggle this action 'on' from the top left.  

  2. If you have a 'Custom Group' you can put them in the appropriate group from the dropdown.

  3. 'Save' your action. 

Enable Campaign Change 

  1. Toggle this action 'on' from the top left.  

  2. Select the 'Campaign Overlay' you want to put them in from the dropdown, for example 'Pending Cancellation Campaign'. 

  3. 'Save' your action. 

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