When adding your staff members there are a couple things to keep in mind, do you want this person to have access to everything in your platform or do you just want them to communicate with clients?

When you add the new staff member you will have a choice in the "Grant manager permissions?" if you choose "No" they will not have access to the Administrative functions that appear below the dashed line in the left hand toolbar.

If you have a coach and you just want this person to communicate with clients, be able to complete assigned task, and view upcoming appointments then we recommend you do not make them a manager.

If you do want the staff member to assist you with editing the emails, managing staff members, create forms, etc. then you should grant them manager permissions. 

The only thing different from a Manager and the Admin is the Admin can access the Billing Information.

Note: You can only have one Admin per account, on the other hand you can have as many Managers and Staff Members that you would like.

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