NOTE: The UpLaunch Mobile App is a new release, and is currently in beta. Please use the Intercom chat window inside the mobile app to let us know if you find any issues!


Step 1: Install Test Flight

Because the UpLaunch App is in beta, you'll need to install Apple's Test Flight app, which allows you to use beta apps on your phone.

Step 2: Install The App

Once you've used the above link to install Test Flight, visit it again and you will be able to download the UpLaunch SMS Mobile App.


From time to time, Test Flight will give you a notification that there is a new version of UpLaunch that should be installed.

Please keep your app up to date!

We'll be gathering tons of feedback during the first few months, and will be making frequent updates to the app in order to ensure that it meets your needs.

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