To get this up and running you only need to do 2 things, turn on the integration in UpLaunch and notify your 97Display point of contact that you've activated the UpLaunch integration. More on how to do that here. 👇

1. Activate the Integration in UpLaunch

From the left navigation pane select Integrations then Launch 97Display. From there, click the switch in the top right corner to turn it on. 

Once enabled, an API Key will be generated. Ignore this, you will not need it.

2.  Notify Your 97Display Contact 

Now, reach out to your point of contact at 97Display to let them know you've enabled the integration and provide them:

  1. The login URL for your UpLaunch account. 

  2. Which Client Journey you want your new leads to go into. 

97Display Responsibilities

Once they receive this information they will use the API Key (noted above) to create the required code to place on your website. Once done, your form will automatically push contacts into your UpLaunch account.👏

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