Our WordPress plugin can be downloaded from UpLaunch (or this link https://www.uplaunch.com/wordpress) and installed on your WordPress website. 

Once installed, it will allow you to create multiple opt-in forms with various settings, and install them with a shortcode.

What are some things the plugin will allow you to do?

  1. Make the phone number optional and/or not capture a phone number at all

  2. Change the color of the submit button

  3. Change the text of the submit button

1. Enable The WordPress Plugin In UpLaunch

From your account go to Integrations in the adminstrative area, open up the WordPress Plugin integration settings. By default the integration will be turned off. Click the switch in the upper-right corner to enable it.

An API key will be generated, along with some basic instructions. You will need this key to populate in WordPress so copy it to your clipboard or keep the window open. 

2. Install The Plugin In WordPress

Install The Plugin On Wordpress: The plugin will download as a .zip file. That is standard for WordPress plugins, and it should be installed as a .zip file as well. To install the plugin, log into the WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins → Add New. From there, click the Upload Plugin button at the top of the page.

Select the uplaunch.zip plugin file and install it.

After installation, activate the plugin.

Once activated, there will be a menu option for 'UpLaunch' on the left hand main menu.

3. Setup The Plugin in WordPress

Click the 'UpLaunch' menu item to open up the plugin admin interface.

Now grab that API Key from the WordPress integration area in UpLaunch, paste it in the appropriate field, and click 'Sign In'.

After signing in with a valid API key, you will be able to create a new opt-in form.

4. Create A Form

Click the 'New Form' button in the top right corner, which will load up the 'New Form' interface.

The form has a few simple fields:

  1. Form Name: This is for internal use only, so the forms can be listed inside the plugin.

  2. Incoming Journey: This is a list of all of the active journeys on the authenticated account.

  3. Ask For Phone Number: Pretty self-explanatory. Three options (Yes - Required, Yes - Optional, No).

  4. Button Text

  5. Button Background

  6. Button Text Color

Once the form is filled out, click 'Create Form' 

The form will now be listed on the main plugin admin interface.

5. Use Your Form

Using a form is very simple. All you need to do is copy the shortcode and paste it where you want the form to go on your WordPress page (or post, or widget).

In the below example, we've placed the shortcode into a widget.

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