If you are using ZenPlanner for your membership management platform, you may have noticed that syncing it to your Google Calendar, doesn't actually block off appointments slots.

This help article is a walk through on how to sync/copy your ZenPlanner calendar events into your Google Calendar so that you can use the UpLaunch Scheduler and Google sync.

For this to work, you will need a zapier account.

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Notice: each staff member will need to set up a individual zap for their respective calendars.


  1. Grab the iCalendar link from ZenPlanner. Make sure it's for the specific staff member. Here's the help article.

  2. Add to your sync'd Google Calendar under the Other calendars header on the left. Use "From URL" and drop your ZenPlanner Link there.

3. Go to the Calendar Settings Page for the new ZenPlanner Calendar and navigate to the Integrate Calendar area. Copy the Calendar ID.

4. Go and Create a New Zap.

Trigger -> Google Calendar, New or Updated Event, Choose the appropriate calendar, and under Edit Options, Select Custom Value and drop the Calendar ID from step 3 in there. Hit Continue.

5. Actions -> Google Calendar, Create Detailed Event, Choose the same calendar as before, Edit template (Choose Calendar, Add Summary, Add Start Date & Time, End Date & Time), Test this step. 

6. #BOOM, your calendar is now sync'd. Save the zap! 

Please Note: Google Calendar currently does not allow you to set the frequency to refresh a subscribed calendar, or to manually refresh one. Google refreshes subscribed calendars once every 24 hours at varying times. If you need your calendar to present as up to date and accurate within 24 hrs of making changes, you shouldn’t rely on a calendar subscribed to through an iCalendar link in Google Calendar.

Considerations, a zap will need to be done for each individual staff member.

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