MDI is more than a T-Shirt company. They are your partner in providing proven Branding and Merchandising strategies for your gym. MDI has a complementary software solution that provides gyms with their own virtual apparel stores and social media marketing content for your brand.

MDI and UpLaunch have partnered to work proven Branding and Merchandising Strategies directly into UpLaunch marketing campaigns - meaning that things like welcome boxes, t-shirts, and other items will ship automatically to your members when the time is right.

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How to Enable the Integration

  1. You must be an UpLaunch and MDI Apparel Client.

  2. You must have all of your gifting strategies in place.

  3. Request the integration through MDI. They will either send you a link or fill out the form on your behalf.

  4. Upon receipt of the integration request form, we will configure your account within 48 hours and your integration will be shown inside of the integrations tab.

Integration Details / Strategy

By enabling the integration, you will automate a branding and apparel gifting strategy at three unique touch-points.

  1. Welcome Box - A welcome box when they first join the gym

  2. 100 Day Gift - Upon completion of the first 100 days as a new client

  3. 1-year anniversary - A special item recognizing the 1 year anniversary

UpLaunch will notify MDI at each of those touch-points. All you will need to do is make sure the address and t-shirt size inside of the users profile for the gifts to automatically send out.

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