Editing A Campaign Step Name

To begin, open up a campaign to edit (either via Account Settings → Default Content or Account Settings → Journeys → Edit Content).

Open up the campaign that you wish to edit. When the user places their mouse over a particular step, an edit icon will appear.

To edit a campaign step name, click the edit arrow icon next to the step that you wish to rename

This will change the campaign step name into an editable field.

Change the step name, and click the green check mark to save the changes.

Reverting A Campaign Step Name

To revert, simply edit the name and then click the "Revert" icon next to the edited campaign step name.

This will revert the step name back to the original text. It will still need to be saved using the green save icon.

Additional Notes

The campaign step name can also be edited from inside the actual campaign step screen. The functionality is the same as above - the edit icon will show up when the user places their mouse over the step name.

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