🧭 Overview

The Broadcast Center is a great way to stay in touch with your gym members outside of the pre-defined campaign steps in UpLaunch. 

You may want to schedule an SMS to go out to all clients when you have a planned closure or holiday hours coming up. Or maybe you want to send a special offer to select members -- let's say to everyone over the age of 50 for a special masters class. Within the Broadcast Center are many different preset criteria you can use to build your audience and decide when you want the message to be sent! 

Want to design your communication from scratch? No problem! Want to create a template? Check. What if you want to build off of one of our starter templates? Go for it. :)

Check out this video for a high-level walkthrough of the Broadcast Center. 

Below you will also find step-by-step instructions for creating a new broadcast and additional resources to learn the ins and outs of this feature.

✨ Key Features

  • Templates: Create rich templates to improve your workflow for sending communications like newsletters, client stories, event announcements, hours adjustments, etc!
  • Automatic Saving: No more hitting the save button, we automagically save your content as you're creating it! 
  • Drafts: Gym owners get interrupted all the time, if you have to step away from the computer, your content is automatically saved as a draft and can be started right where you left off!
  • Schedule Future Broadcast: No more logging into the platform on that specific day to send out a bulk email, just set the date and time you want it to go and boom, it happens automatically!
  • Custom Audiences: Select based on everyone, by lifecycle stage (filter by campaign status, gender, age or assigned staff member), or individually select users that you need to send communications to!
  • Live Preview: See the email/sms live inside the platform without sending yourself a test email!
  • Broadcast Metrics: See the performance of the broadcast and the ability to drill down to see who's interacted with the content (read, clicked, unsubscribed, or error/undeliverable)

📢 How To Create a New Broadcast

  1. From the left navigation pane select "Broadcast Center"
  2. Click "New Broadcast"
  3. Select "New" to create a new "Template" or select "Included" to use a pre-built template to send one-off broadcasts then "Save & Continue." If creating a new template you will need to choose either SMS or Email. 
  4. Define your audience. You can send to "Everyone, by group, lifecycle stage, or manual contact search." You will also be able to drill down further with "Filters," which include by campaign or gender (among others). Then hit "Save & Continue."
  5. "Create your SMS or Email" then "Save & Continue." If you are sending an email you will be able to send a test to yourself first. There are no tests with SMS. Note: All your work will be autosaved every 15 seconds. 
  6. If you decided to create a new template, you will then need to give it a Title and Description, then "Save & Continue." If you meant to but didn't, don't worry, you will have a chance to save it as template in the next step. 
  7. Tell us when to send the message! Either "Now" or "Schedule it for later" then hit "Send." You can also save your message as a template before sending at this point. 
  8. Lean back and relax for a moment and let us do the rest of the work. 👏

📝 Things To Note

  • Broadcast emails are always sent from the person who is logged in and sending the email.
  • You can edit a scheduled email after scheduling by clicking on the menu button for a scheduled broadcast and selecting "Edit." However, to ensure that the email doesn't go out while editing, we unschedule the email. You will need to go through the send process again. If a scheduled communication has already initiated, you will not be able to make changes. So, if scheduled for 9AM and you login at 9:01, you will not be able to make changes that will be reflected in that communication.
  • The "Sent Count" from the dashboard may be different than the number scheduled due to bad email addresses or other errors.
  • It's important to be mindful that industry-wide open rate technology (pixel-rendering) used to track opens is notoriously inaccurate. It's a good indicator of general trends, but only an estimation. It's likely some emails have been opened that are not tracked.
  • Email and SMS report different data, which means different stats for each. We currently do not have a way to track opens or clicks in SMS broadcasts. 

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